Conduits of the Light

The Great Chess Game

Bleakness and darkness surrounds us it seems, all these days of our lives.

We no longer can find any hope amid the hatred and lies.

With poison in the media been propagated as a cure to our ills.

The methods of the wicked ones gives one the chills.

A burning building; a riotous crowd; a statue destroyed what leads humanity to be so manipulated into feeling aggrieved and annoyed?

There’s a war going on, but it’s not fought with tanks and guns…. it’s the subtle use of propaganda for mockery and scorn.

Amidst this chaos and disarray, the peaceful warriors enter the fray.

For as the battle of consciousness rages on across many places where thoughts become aware.

Those of light bring gifts of the higher virtues to arrest the despair.

The goodness of heart will seek and find the truth amid the impending doom and gloom.

And the light will shine brighter as more beings come into bloom.

As disorder continues and malfeasance runs amok… the righteous among us still point to the clock.

Noting that the time of reckoning is close at hand.

Those that walk through the darkness without fear fully understand!

The enemy is at the gate, yet this war will wipe the whole slate clean. We no longer will live as slaves to a falsely created regime.

This will be a great victory to the light… breathing life back into a rancid place.

As we shake off the shackles of our enslavement and rise up as a free and noble human race.

Unity in service to each other and a better earth for us all.

May those that recognise the light heed this call.

Finally, God bless those great bringers of light to this dark scene we’ve had to endure.

Hold to the message that Divinity comes from within and defeats all that is impure.


Love is the Key!


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