A New Earth Message

New Earth Rising

As the holiday in the USA approaches, the world staggers in dis-orientation and dismay at the last few months that have caused upset and turmoil to every being’s routines and upended all the previously banked on certainties of life.

The world is emerging like a butterfly from a chrysalis. The pain and uncertainty of breaking free will soon give way to a serene fluttering of pristine, multicoloured wings out into the beautiful realms of paradise.

Can I speak to any intergalactic beings in consciousness field of the light bringers to planet earth at this time?

Yes Barry we are the ‘Collective of Nine’ and we resonate strongly with your frequency. How may we serve you this evening?

I have read Marina Jacobi’s book (see weblink at end of blog) and I felt compelled to write to you – How is the ascension on planet earth unfolding now?

Barry we are here to serve you in your great awakening know that you eagerness to hear from us will bear much fruit if you have the patience to digest our information.

I understand, I’d love to make a strong connection with the Council of Nine – I am keen to play a role in the ascension path to aid Mother Gaia!

Good you must share this dialogue widely and commit to being a scribe with discipline and hours of practice. Be calm and ask us the question from your heart!

Will there be a “great reveal” tomorrow to coincide with US’s Independence day celebrations?

Oh yes you will be visited with much information that will hasten the awakening of many on the planet. All we need say is that President Trump will make a startling announcement and great hope and joy will be released into the collective consciousness.

Will this result in many awakening and what happens to those that don’t awaken now?

Many will raise their frequency to the 5D Earth emerging. The ones that fail to do this will have actively chosen to take a different path and they will be given further guidance further down the path again when the moment calls for it.

It is like a maze set on different levels – humanity is being given the directions to reach the end of the ground level maze and take the ramp to a higher level maze structure. Those whom reject the guidance or are not ready to comprehend the instructions fully will spend more time in the ground level maze taking further challenges and obstacles there at that level. Once they are complete in the ground level maze the instructions will be waiting for them to direct them towards that ramp to the higher level with those that have ascended.

Should I be doing more to assimilate to the 5D Earth reality – is there any chance of me ‘missing the boat’ so to speak?

Barry, we appreciate the question but it stems from an anxiety perspective, which automatically drags you in to the 3D reality. We would say keep your thoughts and emotions of a high vibratory level (love, joy, peace etc) and this question will not arise in your being. By holding the vibratory level of love, joy and peace in your being you are entering your holographic self into the 5D realm.

If you are allowing thoughts of ‘missing the boat’ into your being, then thats what you will manifest: you create what you think about all day long. This is the danger of the negative trap people get into of “proving” themselves right in their negative outlook.

So maintain your higher thoughts and emotions – only focus on what you truly desire and you will be in harmony with Mother Gaia and this beautiful New Earth emerging.

Am I a trusted scribe of the Council of Nine – Can I serve in this blog any further?

Barry we want to assure you that you are indeed a scribe of high regard with us. Please transcribe this entry to you blog site and share widely. We acknowledge your great service to humanity and thank you!

Note: To reach Marina Jacobi’s website where I read the book ‘Downloads and Predictions’ please click link below:



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