A Enlightened Soul’s Journey…. to bring Heaven to Earth!

An Enlightened Soul is beckoned…

The spirit of the awakened being is made manifest in this earthly human vessel.

Though dwelling in a time/ space reality this soul is no longer subject to the laws of such, for thine is the kingdom of heaven made fully manifest here on earth.

This soul having succeeded in ego death allows the rewards of the universal mind fill its essence.

Such a soul need only think upon a desire and it will appear in the material, lesser thoughts no longer burden this being.

This soul’s cherished heart will be filled with joy, hope and love. For this gentle soul has tapped into the rich vein of the minds connection to the god-self that laid dormant within, like a sleeping dragon that awaits a stirring into action.

All that this soul has become is as the result of a journey on the righteous path of virtue, honour and integrity.

These noble choices led this soul’s being on the high road to heaven.

This alchemical process unfolds in the brain, ushering in the spiritual essence of God onto the planet earth.

For the soul fought off demons and lower life forms to retain a heavenly place, now this shall be recognised on earth.

A rapid progression in the material life follows this grand spiritual awakening.

No longer shall this being be weighed down in the toil and grit of an earthly sojourner…

No, the soul shall now take a righteous place among the angels and thus allow the vessel of earthly origin to steer the direction of planet earth with a commanding presence.

The time of cultivating has completed, the being is now ready to bloom.

And shall blaze a path forward for all the emergent awakened ones of Earth. To hasten the coming of the kingdom of heaven on earth…

Sat Nam…

Bringing Heaven to Earth..

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