Musings on Life: The Water Lesson.

The journey to the sea..

The water of Earth collects in the stream and flows majestically to the sea.

Rising by the sun’s rays into the cloud, then falling on to the earth and seeping through the soil into the stream once more.

Thus describes the cyclical nature of the waters life path.

In all of this the water exudes qualities of flexibility, fluidity, adaptability and acceptence of what is….

Life for a human soul is also about going with the flow, through the cycles of highs and lows, not getting attached to either state.

For in flowing with the constant changes of life all obstacles inevitably are overcome and much wisdom is gleaned along the way.

In contemplating life’s path, it is well to mirror the qualities of the water: whether in the still of the deep pool or the flow of the moving stream there is an acceptence present.

For in taking on the qualities of water: adaptable, fluid, persistent and patient, a soul gains much to furnish the journey through life.

Like the water that is constantly coming into balance with its environment, the soul benefits hugely from being in harmony with all there is….

The human soul therefore in contemplation and being aware of the stillness within, exudes the ‘I am’ presence of oneness in God.

Then becomes imbued within with the holy spirit whilst journeying through life…. thus, allowing the soul to be like the waters passage to the sea: in full acceptence of all that is.

It is therefore only by going within and taking on the qualities of water in its humble form that we gain the great insights to the universal mind of God.

Such is the great paradox.

To be in the flow of life is to be emptied of all ego and wanting ambition, accepting all obstacles and events on the path.

For indeed as the scriptures have written the humble shall be exalted… and with this, like the waters of the earth, the soul shall be free.

And so it is.

Matthew 23:12 Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

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