Be Still…

The righteous one conveys the spiritual sense:

I’m in the midst of chaos, where panic and fear abound. Yet I’m calm as I reside in the stillness at the centre of the storm.

Those of righteous minds walk upon an illuminated path. Being practiced in the art of centering the body and mind to align succinctly to the universal spirit, the all that is, God.

In the stillness comes an alertness and openness to God.

They are not like the dishonorable beings, whom are pestered and plagued from the mind coming to rest with ignoble thoughts and much disquiet.

The ego is still very alive in such souls and has a keen interest in retaining the autonomy over these beings caught up in a state of confusion and denial of self mastery.

A humble truth – that God makes present in the heart of the faithfully righteous ones – escapes the vain of ego mind, that being that love is all there is!

A Universal Truth

A soul that is capable of reaching within to find the divine in the stillness will never be slaved by the wanton and ultimately illusory desires of the bodily nature where the ego thrives.

Instead, the eyes of the righteous one is set on the straight and narrow path that leads home to God.

Though the needs of the humble soul, capable of stilling the mind, are few. The rewards of a godly life are manifold and boundless, stretching out into the eternal.

Many are called on the path of righteousness to grow in the presence of God’s love.

However many get distracted by the material aspects of living and try to live by their own ego driven path.

Matt 22:14

These lesser paths bring material returns that inevitably lead only to destruction and decay.

To be born of the flesh is a soul’s God given gift. To be reborn of the spirit is the transformation of the soul through which everlasting life is obtained.

The samsara (wheel of life) is transcended.

For that reason the bible records the words of Christ as saying “ye must be born again” in order to be able to allow us to see the kingdom of God.

John 3:7

The righteous fulfill in all aspects of life the divine nature, expressed by taming the emotional body and by God’s grace embracing eternal life.

By rejoicing in this grace of God and being in humble service to their fellow brothers and sisters, the invocation that ‘love is all there is‘ acts as an entrainment of other souls on the path to godliness.

Thus amidst chaos and despair of an ungodly world for the righteous ones a stillness is invoked that brings calmness where there was previously none present.

The faithful and righteous ones have recourse to God and walk confidently, unafraid for the almighty father in heaven goes before always.

Those souls can draw great strength from the stillness.

This resting in the silence is as the butterfly on the flower at peace with all that is…

A butterfly at one with the stillness…

And So It Is!


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      1. He leads deep into the “rabbit hole” as its termed, but always from a godly perspective. By comprehending that righteous means from the right side of the brain (i.e creative, compassionate, loving etc) I created the blog entry!

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