Samadhi – Dwelling in the Stillness

Samadhi is an ancient sanskrit word to give a label to expression of a divine union that exists between an individual soul and infinite spirit.

Stillness is a blank canvass, that allows the myriad of pictures of life to be painted and given form. By returning to the stillness all possibilities become realisable. It is there a soul meets God” Barry McEvoy 31st July 2020

An Invitation to Stillness

The mist seeps low over the mountain in my sight, with its peak just in view. The dawning morning sun ensures its inevitable demise. I’m struck by the ephemeral nature of time, subject, as we are to its unforgiving force.

As I lean down to open the backyard gate a wave of ‘awareness’ washes over me. I become uplifted by a realisation of being part of the greater presence of this moment of now.

I return to my up right pose and feel the compulsion to take a deep, refreshing inhale of the clear morning air. This leads me deeper into my awareness of this present moment and a great sense of immortality pervades my soul.

I feel a connectedness to all that is in creation. I comprehend my essence as much more than this mortal body that houses my soul in this reality.

A profound sense of freedom accompanies this realisation. I am much like the caged bird that is released from captivity! A joyous state of being!

Suddenly, in a rush of confusion, time pulls me back into its clutches. I am thrust back into the mundanity once more, I open the backyard gate to commence my day.

A Lesson in the Power of Samadhi?

This beautiful early morning encounter with stillness left a indelible mark on my soul.

As I contemplated dwelling in the stillness, I surmise that in this practice I’m meeting God. This connection that occurs allays all concerns, worries, doubts and fears in life – exposing these negative emotions for the maya that they are: mere illusion.

When this glorious truth is absorbed I’m enthused to cultivate a stronger, deeper relationship with my Father in heaven. Invoked by stilling the mind and body and thereby releasing the limitations of this mortal world.

I then begin to appreciate that this effort to meet God gives me a stronger foundation to emanate greater love to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

I become an example to others that we hold the keys to our own freedom. The unlocking of our prison cell door, to the freedom that awaits, merely requires of us to remove the baggage of life we carry with us, still the mechanisations of the mind and go deep within ourselves to reveal who we truly are at source.

By following this practice, we fling open the doors to take our place at the right hand of God. Raising our consciousness to the Christ consciousness, we are no longer subject to the karmic wheel of life.

In this Christ consciousness, we reach the ultimate realisation:

I am loved unconditionally, and am called to love others in such a way.”

By this invocation of Christ Jesus, we profoundly change our world and create on earth as it is in heaven.

All borne from coming to stillness and awakening the individual soul to union with infinite spirit.

And So It Is.


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