The Bridge of Hope

The battle scars are evident, the spirit is weary of all sorry and scorn.

The time has near arrived to emerge from all that lays battered and torn.

For a great bridge has been engineered into a new and fragrant place.

That leads humanity back to God and frees this human race.

All the evil and cunningness of the wicked on their chosen path… shall no longer lead naive souls to their destruction and God’s wrath.

The scourge of organised darkness, visited upon the earth, has been met by legions of angels determined to restore joy, peace and mirth.

For this beautiful earth shall be ascending to the higher realms, where no cruel or poisonous beings may go.

The time for mankind has come to reach into their souls and know…

That choosing the path that is narrow and straight leads directly to the divine.

For that’s the ultimate destiny of your soul and mine.

We must heed the call of this time and discern truth from lies been spouted at you and me.

To be a beacon of light through this darkness and by our strength in unity we shall set the world free.

By then we can set down our spiritual sword and shield and take the bridge of destiny.

In great rejoicing we shall cry out to our heavenly father ‘Your Divinity resides in me’!


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