A Cottage by Night

The coal bunker rests by the side of the hearth in a still silent sight; never to be moved again to give warmth and comfort after this night.

Nothing stirs in the silence that pervades the air, the lonely cottage dweller can do little but stare.

As memories waft in the void and fill up his mind; A long lost love, a tragedy so unkind.

The years have passed by and he makes lesser sense of his life of toil.

Resting more uneasy in the chair the hissing kettle comes to the boil.

Languishing in thoughts of regret and misspent days when all seemed so sure;

Now feeling constantly restless and weary, yearning for the happy times once more.

When fields were golden and the sun’s heavy hazy light let him glimpse eternity by a serene heavenly sight.

A breathe of that air so pristine and pure brought a certainty to life; Lots of rainbow colours illuminated his mind bringing sheer delight.

The smoky embers of the fire dragged him back to the dark dreary night.

Wisdom can be gleaned from an aged life, but often can be tinged with more sorrow than joy…

The unaccomplished tasks provoke anger and annoy.

As the mantle piece clock strikes midnight the fire has long turned to ash.

All that pervades the cottage dwellers thoughts now is how a life can be gone in a flash.

Resting his head on his favourite comfy chair, he breathes out his last and turns to a lifeless stare.

As spirit calls to collect his soul from the earthly remains that will return to the soil.

The field of gold comes into view once more that joy!

The summers in that glimpse of bliss ameliorate all the weary years of trouble and toil.

Dancing in the field of gold God’s blessings fill the air and all whom he loved joining him there.

An angel gently beckons him over to his side granting him a warm welcome to heaven where he’d eternally reside!


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