What is love?

What is love?

A simple question to utter, yet one that requires a profound response!

Love is the very fabric of our time and space reality.

One has heard it said that there exists a polarity between love on one end and fear at the opposite.

However in essence there is only love because fear is merely the absence of love and can only ever be a temporary state of being.

When one becomes calm, poised and at peace with oneself, love premeates the very being and this then emanates out to the universe.

By practicing loving thoughts and being at ease with oneself one cultivates self love and permits, at an energetic level, loving energies to flow through one’s meridians, cleansing the body of heavy toxic energy that has become stagnant.

Allowing oneself not to become attached to emotional triggers brings great healing to the body.

By being of light, love can easily flow through the body.

Now, to truly become enlightened one must empty oneself of all attachments to life in the 3d reality and thus allowing this vacuum to be filled with the divine presence.

That is the call of the awakening one!

To be filled with the divine; a condition of pure love…


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