A Poem from my Soul

Sinead and Me at concert 2017

In the years of my youth I gleaned much knowledge of a troubled world that was so obviously broken. I dreamt of better.

The yoke of life troubles was laid heavily on my back, I took up a 9-5 role in the system so rancid and in disrepair.

Yet my spirit of reform was still present in the embers of life toils.

What began as an adventure full of surprise and fresh reveals, with changes in life coming swift and fast, turned to a steady routine, turgid and predictable, enough to weaken a courageous heart.

The joys of youth pummeled from this idealist by a society moulding a vibrant being into a subservient debtor.

I wallowed through my 20’s in dank and dark despair going nowhere fast in life… watching others marry thinking I was too ill to have a wife.

In all this confusion and melancholy I felt so acutely along the way..my spirituality which I held so dearly kept the pain and suffering at bay.

Then came my 30’s and the pressure to conform had subsided. I met a vibrant light in the darkness of a Belfast pub by night.

This woman lit up my life… its a cliche i know…I treasure that moment so profoundly in my heart space though, when my stumbling in the darkness was met by a shining bright light!

In the year of two thousand and eleven, in May time to be precise my life changed tremendously… as I’d met my precious wife.

Our shared interest in all things spiritual was like she poured pure gold into my heart; we’ve developed our love so as never to part.

So, now as the years go on with us I wonder where all my fears have gone; For the love I’ve been blessed with from my wife has built me up strong.

Now the life I’m leading can still be impactful though the exuberance of youth has been quelled. Its in the love of that special other that fears in life are dispelled.

This life is a journey to reach to the stars; though many battles are required to learn from our scars.

The greatest calling I’ve learned to be impactful and true to yourself and share this life with a special other.

For love is the greatest calling to us all.. for one another!

Love you Sinead!


22 September 2020


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