“Here I Am”

From lost to found by a desert land

I pick up my pen and scribe these words in a calling to God.

Release me from the convines of this earthly domain.

Raise my spirit to your glorious throne, have I not been inflicted with enough sorry, misery and pain by my chastisers?

For I see beyond the veil, I have a knowing that my soul’s plan is not to languish in a barron, lonely plane.

Have I created this hiatus in my life path; can it be true am the cause and the cure of all my sufferings.

I continue to plead earnestly to a force greater than myself, searching for salvation to a higher source.

All my life I sought solace in the comforting words and company of others.

Now, I lay cold and alone. Still yearning to be accepted by the world at large.

I lie vanquished and desolate none to call on for support. I’m like the thirsty traveller on the desert plane.

And then it happens the still silence is broken by the sound of my heart speak “Here I am”.

Still to allow the heat speak

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