Earth Reborn

I lurch in the shadows of my unbridled mind.

Afraid to step into the light and leave all fears behind.

I am in that space between two vastly contrasting places.

The earth as we’ve known it has been torn asunder.

Yet I feel something birthing in great beauty and wonder.

We are being asked to step out of the shadowy night where our souls have so long dwelt.

And arm and arm with each other great peace and tranquility can be felt.

For each of us now is ascending to a higher plane.

Our lives are being rebuilt life will feel much more secure and sane.

The ego drive kept us in a mode to survive.

Yet now all is giving way to a much brighter day.

With love and compassion as our guiding lights.

We all stand together as a new earth is born within our very sights.

So rest your weary heads on God’s shoulders as this earth shift takes its hold.

And rejoice in a glorious future to come, as ancient scriptures foretold.


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