Out of the Woods…

To wander the forest dense and dark..

Brings out all fears and tribulations; feelings of abandonment are stark.

Yet beyond this despair and lost feeling of being insecure and alone..

I see myself as the spark of an eternal flame, I call home.

This journey through dense woods is full of fear and aching doubts in my being.

Yet what is this negativity that I’m seeing?

The world is transient, passing like sand through the hour glass.

I release my fear and doubt, as these forces are vanquished from myself at last.

I fix my gaze at the woods clearing up ahead..

I choose feelings of joy and wonder about this life journey instead.

As by residing in the darkness of this forest all hope is expelled from my sight.

I’d have become riddled with anguish and paralysed by fright.

Instead, I chose to stumble onwards through the woods and I eventually winch at the lights glare.

I feel the call of freedom and the light beckons me to stare.

No longer in the darkness and density of that forestry place.

I rejoin the light of day in a joyful embrace.

Now those dense, dark woods are but a distant dream.

I’m now fully reborn to the new light of the day it would seem!

The lesson learnt being that true freedom is realised through enduring faith and perserving hope.

It is by these virtues we gain the strength to cope.

Thereby through faith, hope and determination times of darkness can be overcome.

Then by God’s grace all our freedoms we’ll have so gloriously won.

For its when life’s path seems so hard and dismal, all appearing lost as we wail out in despair.

Our true character shines and we are lead to be more aware….

Of a better place of higher soul growth becoming closer to our creator in heaven, pure!

Where our soul is once again nurtured and ever more secure.


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