Great Awakening

Awakening our consciousness

I am unhindered by this time and space.

Awakened, am I, from this dank and miserable, fake place!

No longer bowed in servitude, controlled by others whim.

I’ve no fear of judgement for false accusations of sin.

For in this time of great uncertainty truth will be revealed.

All hidden by the darkness no longer will be concealed.

As those that walk in darkness will see a great light.

And no longer will evil prevail, all demons will take flight.

All are called to be the light unto the darkness now and not to recoil in doubt.

For hope, faith and love, my friend, is what our awakening is all about.

God resides within each of us, which becomes clear as the dross falls away.

The gold that’s been through the furnace contains purity, come what may!

Being filled with light inside is to live true to your divine plan.

Keeping the flame of God alive to illuminate the path of man.

Now hold to your inner flame and be a light onto the world….

And in the Great Awakening you’ll help many souls…in numbers untold.

By being your brother’s keeper and setting aside your selfish pride.

All that had lay dormant in you will no longer flee and hide.

The joy that is our birthright fills up your chalice, its true.

As all is revealed to the humble soul, you’ll be given that special clue.

Coming to realise that you are a spark of divinity, more powerful than you’d ever know.

Entrusting your heart to God, my friend, you’ll reap all that you sow.

As the turmoil on earth unfolds you are firmly connected to source of all.

Your on the highway to heaven and bravely answered God’s great call.

Be not afraid‘ is the refrain of God. Its time to remove the scales from our eyes.

This Great Awakening will brush aside all the festering and rancid lies.

The people will be unshackled and freedom will be revealed by God’s love.

All dreaded misery is ended by the most high above.

I pray with you my friend to give thanks for God’s divine plan for ever more.

For by this enacting on the earthly plane our hearts, minds and soul do soar!

Earth is evolving now to a higher place of life.

And we are being blessed with a golden age that will end all sorry and strife.

The Great Awakening is now upon us, and my heart sings with a great overflowing love.

Peace be with all mankind and blessings from up above.


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