A Great Reckoning

Peace, joy and love is the gift of God

“Be not afraid” is the call for those light warriors being beckoned onward bound…

All pain and suffering is transmuted when God, dwelling within, is found!

As the warriors of the light sanctify the earth by their presence through this dark, dense space.

It begins to dawn on these sacred souls their task is to aid the whole human race.

In darkness earth bound souls have dwelt, in pitiful ignorance of their own light.

With great courage and valour the light warrior illuminates their sight.

For no longer is ignorance an excuse to allow a despicable evil in our time.

People will be shook from their slumber and shown the extent of the heinous crime.

For the wicked ones, the time of reckoning has now arrived at their door.

The righteousness of God will crash down on earth as great waves hitting the shore.

Truth will be revealed, and the truth shall set mankind free…

As all evildoers, from their crimes, they’ll desperately flee.

Yet God in great justice will leave no place to hide from their deeds

The righteous of the light will gloriously succeed.

As warriors of light take up their sword and shield.

Great cleansing occurs across the land as their great power is revealed.

Now, after this great cleansing has been accomplished and is complete.

The new earth is born and mortals of earth marvel at such a feat.

For the godly and just have allowed mankind to finally soar.

As they usher in peace, joy and happiness to reign for ever more.

Rejoicing comes in the morning!

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