Love – Guiding Us Home

Those filled with light are now readied to serve the great cause of humanity.

The time is now ripe to reap the harvest, as the labourers are in the field.

All preparations are now over – the message has been sent out!

The calling of the righteous ones will raise the mass awakening to the higher vibrations on planet earth.

For all those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see – the joyous age of Aquarius beckons us forward into the illuminated era of peace.

All freedoms and sovereignty will be restored, as love – the highest vibration of all – shines bright in the hearts of the chosen ones.

Just as the lighthouse, in the dark dank, stormy night, the shining one’s of a love vibration guide those fearful souls into the shores of more clam and tranquil waters.

Love’s warm embrace awaits the soul that awakens and keeps a place at the hearth for all the cherished souls of earth.


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