Celestial Lightbearers of Earth

These celestial lightbearers…

They journeyed far from their light source to bring earth home.

They experienced all of earth traumas, being scarred on many a war zone.

They exchanged a life of perfected bliss to feel heartbreak and sorrow, their higher nature to miss!

Yet through all the scorn, the lifetimes of pain.

The light bearers began illuminating the path of oneness on earth… their mission would not be in vain.

And as the dawn broke to a blissful earth renewed.

All light bringers wept tears of joy, as love began to soothe.

The light beings of the celestial realm had endured through it all.

A mission of ascension completed as earth was no longer in free fall.

The annals of history will record these great deeds of those of the light.

The ascended planet earth being such a wonderful sight.

The cost to these beings of light innumerable in its scope.

Astonished High Council of the Galactic Federation members wonder how did they manage to cope.

In great service to others their place in earth folklore assured.

The universal lessons of bringing a planet out of darkness would never be ignored.

Around the celestial fire sides their great sacrifice will be known.

And with open arms and warm hearts they’ll be greeted home.

In contemplating this tale it behoves us to state.

Be grateful to those of light whom choose an earth mission and alleviated earth’s dark fate.

Now peoples of earth reside in a 5D of peace and love all of their days.

The deeds of light bearers created a transformed earth in so many great ways.


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