Worry to Worthy?

An Ego run Amok?

Anxiety and fear are the thought forms of a soul that is weak in faith.

This lack of trust in the universal source of all can lead to disorder and chaotic drama in life leading to undesirable manifesting. An ego drive in the mind has run amok and blame and victimhood only serve to perpetuate the misery.

Soul Seeking Salvation

A mind/ body/ soul complex must wrest a degree of command from this ego drive to aid the purifying of the mind and set course for a life of joyous abundance through mastery of the self.

As the consciousness purifies the mind and divinity of the being is embraced all the heavenly realm rush to greet this soul awakening the kingdom of God from within.

A letting go of the ego drive to control reality opens up the soul to the divine flow of creation – where only the highest vibrations may dwell. It releases in the soul the consciousness of divine gifts of joy, unending peace and unbounded bliss.

Such is the reward of the earnest soul seeking enlightenment!

Rewards of an Earnest Heart

The true awareness of all that is has been aroused thus in the soul that has sincerely been searching for God. This very act of seeking purifies the consciousness of all low vibrating dense matter and, just as the gold is purified through the sering heat of the furnace, a soul must traverse major life obstacles designed by the higher self to wither away the decaying or redundant parts of the self that has been carried through the choices made in this, or previous, incarnations on earth.

All this culminates in a higher vibrating soul readied to enter the kingdom of heaven. This entry into the realm of heaven is the destiny of every soul, attained by the soul reaching out to touch the face of God- as it has been said if you draw near to God then God draws near to you.

The kingdom of heaven resides within you; For you hold the key to your own freedom.

A Life Fulfilled?

It simply comes down to choices – choose well and the divine life force will course through your veins. As the river flows majestically emptying itself into the vast ocean, so will your human consciousness be elevated into universal divinity, where all things are made possible and joy, peace and love reign into your very heart.


By the grace of my father/ mother God I’ve penned these words so that you may be free,

And so it is.


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