Ascension Calls

The Earth nurtures a wondering soul, yearning to find a path home.

‘Be at peace’ echoes in the mind of those lost and confused.

The refrain bringing harmony were chaos resides.

Pain and suffering are surfacing with no place now to hide.

Onward brave warrior of the spiritual light; to rise above duality on this earthly plane.

The mission is to restore God’s kingdom from a world gone insane.

As the well of the human soul lay so long arid and dry. The brave actions of those lightbearers were to raise it up high.

Rejoice in the glory of God’s kingdom restored.

The cries of the righteous ones are never ignored.

For God surely brings relief to those that earnestly choose…

To be virtuous and kind, their integrity never to lose.

Thus the well of our soul fills with crystal clear water of cleansing vigor to renew.

As this light fills the soul it is given a clear purpose to do.

To raise the vibration of the whole world to love, light and peace once more.

All gain entry to heaven that knock on the door.

So set aside all fear put down your weapons of hate.

Clasp to your brothers and sisters before it’s too late.

For the world of greed, lust, envy and pride.

Will be thrown down the pit where darkness resides.

All of the light transcends the good and bad of duality space.

It’s an invitation that goes out to the whole human race.

So choose peace; reside in love.

And let your vibration soar to heaven above.

As witnessed by our ‘Father/ Mother’ God, let us all call out clear..

We chose love unconditionally to be our great divine steer.


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