The Ascending Timeline

A shift in timeline…A time to love…

The timeline has shifted; the stage has been set for the great awakening of mankind.

By free will of each soul the universe has set in train events to unfold.

The spiritual warriors are stationed and firmly in place – they’ve been encoded with their mission to awaken the whole human race.

The tyranny and greed that prevaded the earth realm will no longer be tolerated by the highest beings of light.

The dark ones agenda to promote fear and mistrust among earth people will only serve to hasten the day…

When all of earth inhabitants live in paradise and peace once more.

Asserting their hearts desire that love shall prevail over manipulation and control.

For as we embrace each other and throw off the bondage of a wicked regime…. all that God offers the awakened soul will be surely seen.

A world where self-interest and materialistic goals are set aside.

And where no feeling or trapped emotion may linger or hide.

No, the new human being that will soon emerge will be filled with high morality, integrity and ethics of a transparent nature.

Therefore as this nature matures in each soul…. Mother Gaia ascends to reach the 5th dimensional goal.

Therefore set aside all fears, remove all doubt about God’s divine plan.

For the awakening of earth to the higher virtues is meant for every child, woman and man!


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