A Soul Meditation: What does it take to ascend?

A soul’s call to grow…

By yearning to be free, the human being heralds the call of the soul within the corporeal self.

For though the body will surely wither and decay through the ravages of time, it must be grasped this is not the totality of the self.

No, there is a part of the being which is eternal and which can be named the ‘soul’.

Many souls are still asleep!

Many on the earth plane wander through life’s path never rising above the physical senses or moving beyond the primal instincts of survival and reproduction.

The great questions of existence passed these souls by and the birth to death cycle is repeated in a unending loop of monotony.

These ones are tied to the wheel of life, the samsara, where karma is accumulated then worked off to the sounds of a familiar ‘drum beat’ of drab existence.

An awakening soul hears the higher call to strive for the higher truth of existence to unleash the soul aspect of the self and to feed of the fruits of a more elevated nature.

This newly awakening soul brings much joy to higher awakened ones who closely map the path of the earthly bound souls.

The nuturing can begin to lead to a greater path of awareness and a welcoming into the beckoning soul tribe awaits.

The purpose of this communique?

This communication is to act as an gentle nudge to others of what the soul calls out for every being to discover: connection to the oneness and beauty of our Father/Mother God and the wholeness and completeness of each of us in our true perfected state. A state which lies within us.

So, to advance beyond the birth to death to rebirth cycle of earth the newly awakening aspirant must set aside this material world and all its illusory games fixated on self-interest and competing with the other.

They instead embrace our true nature essence of oneness and unity consciousness, ever striving, victoriously, for the higher virtues of wisdom, courage, fortitude and temperance.

How can soul’s ascend?

To pursue such noble deeds and achieve these lofty heights that require these higher virtues the aspirants are raising their beingness to a lighter frequency and, through entrainment, bringing their fellow brothers and sisters along.

In accomplishing this task we truly meet God and are also recognising his presence in the other.

The Outcomes of Awakening

Therefore the shared goal of the aspirant and the awakened one is to bring peace to a humble heart and balance to a wavering mind. Then by the grace of God a Christ like acceptence of your righteous inheritance of eternal life is engendered in the fellow human being.

Thus by this elevated act of acceptence, the recipient sees an end to all fears, worries and doubts that previously beset their heart. Clinging, as they were, to a false notion of a mortal self that falls into the darkness and pits of the abyss.

The joy that awaits the being that achieves self realisation of its eternal nature can not be counted nor measured in earthly terms.

The soul has achieved freedom and this may be carried throughout life’s varied and testing challenges.

It is a knowing of the human beings divine call from the soul to be free. It is the call ‘home’.

And so it is!


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