Awakening Thoughts for June 2021

We are on the precipice of the great unknown..

I am feeling like we are on the precipice of enormous change and yet no apparent movement can be felt off the ledge into the ‘great unknown’.

It is like the instructors are doing all their safety checks in secret and completely out of sight of the jumpers, while their nerves jangle and emotions veer from excitement to trepidation!

A new world is beckoning us forward, yet as human nature often dictates, we hold steadfastly to the familiar being reluctant to shed the old ways despite the obvious decay and defective nature of these ways.

Humanity has come to a point where that ‘leap of faith’ is called upon and it appears to be that we’ve all been encoded to jump or be pushed into the great unknown that lies before us all given our state of awareness at this time.

Nothing can stop what is coming. It would be analogous to holding back the tide to deny this.

In this great tidal wave of change to come it behoves each of us to remember who we really are even before entering this earthly realm and let go of all resistance to what is extant.

The building of a new structure requires much removal of debris and a levelling of what stood before. This is often a messy and time consuming aspect of the project. Yet when the new structure is in place, in all its resplendent glory, the joy and fulfillment makes it all worthwhile.

We are that new structure and these body vessels that carry our souls are being totally renewed and revitalised to house a 5th dimensional energetic shift on mother earth Gaia.

We are in the birth pangs of this new reality and we are playing the role of both mid wives and new borns in this process.

As our Father/ Mother God deigned this time on earth to be one of ushering in peace, joy and unconditional love as the paradise it was always intended to be.

Welcome, my friends, to our ‘Great Awakening’!

And so it is!


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