Mind Matters: A Contemplation..

Riverside scene…

I moor my boat admidst the fresh pastures by the riverside and wonder how much longer in this place may I reside.

As the glistening sun creates sparkles on the ripples by the waters edge. All appears serene in summer bloom… as the wildlife hide among the hedge.

I now rest in the boat in blissful repore with all that’s pure. My heart resides in peace all troubles and cares I easily ignore.

To be still in the silence of the scene now unfolding. Brings untold riches to the mind its true art in its moulding.

Unburdened by time and space I feel especially nourished by this wondrous place.

Suddenly recoiled and startled out of sleep by the sound of a bell.

It’s back to my work I now go… no longer in my mind’s eye may I dwell.

For whom did the bell toil…

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