Emerge into Light

Let there be light…

Guided by the radiant light, my soul brings lost ones from their bitterest plight.

No longer bound in chains of grief and despair. A divine light awakens within cold hearts, laying all sins bare.

As the darkest of nights gives way to the dawn. A brightness heals the soul by the early morn.

For it was in the stumbling through dark dank times that the light residing within read the signs.

The veil has been lifted of what was shrouded in great sorrow and heartache. As the soul’s emergence into light reveals a being ready to awake.

The horrors of a world mired in depravity and mistrust, has been lanced at last: a foul boil has been burst.

As all souls emerge into divine love at last, the world changes are ushered in urgent and fast.

For a great pledge is made that never will darkness prevail on our beautiful mother earth again.

As love, peace and joy of our creator will forever, gloriously reign.


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