God speaks to the Soul…

I am with you now, peel back the layers of your personally held fears, doubts and disbelief.

You are a precious son of God in whom I AM well pleased – surrender to my eternal loving embrace and make your heart a resting place for the divine.

In doing this you relinquish all personal needs and desires and call forth into this earthly domain the heavenly realm.

Abide with ME – your higher aspect that resides within your being.

To do this with earnest simplicity opens up your heart to a treasure trove of riches and wondrous splendour. As all in creation becomes one with you and becomes subject to your holy will.

This holy will is thus recognised as the divine will working through your being – as you merge into the full consciousness of knowing that I AM in you and YOU are in ME.

The self is inseparable with God.

In releasing all aspects of the personal self a great sway of divine glory enters into the soul. Thus free will of the self aligns to divine will and the full glory of God is revealed on earth.

Let this be the guiding mantra of the spiritual seeker on the path to enlightenment:


And So It Is!


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