A Wandering Star

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

It was a balmy night and the dark velvet sky was illuminated by an array of twinkling stars.

As Francis gazed at the vista he became lost in the sea of his own minds thoughts. The stars appealed to his curiosity that there was more to life than this journey from birth to death. He felt swoon into a place beyond the time and the space of his current reality.

The events of the last few months were weighting heavily on his mind and this journey out to the edge of the universe was such relief to his troubled mind. His dreams had become tormentors of his soul and he became determined to comprehend the nature of his life and finally come to terms with what it was that he must do to be fulfilled.

As he made his way back to the car a flash of light caught his eye and then a shooting star blazed across the sky before his eyes – he knew the significance of the sign and made up his mind there and then – in the morning he was leaving his job and travelling the country.

Perhaps the answers lay up the road ahead!

His first few days of travels were filled with much mundanity and uninspired passing of the day from morning to night.

Then he was resting by the road side in a layby meaning to rise early the next morning at the break of dawn to get a full days travelling to his next destination, when the siren and blue lights flashed into his interior mirror. The police man motioned at him to roll now his window and proceeded to quiz him on his reasons for being out in the Wyoming desert at this hour of the night. The realisation struck him, as he fumbled over his excuse for being on this journey, that he’d ventured on a fool’s errand.

The cop had checked out his license plate and registration papers he wished him a good night and safe onward journey, filled with chagrin Francis pledged to himself he was heading home in the morning to beg for his job back and return to his safe life.

After the drama of that last hour Francis managed to set up his mattress in the minivan he was driving and, finally, settled in for a nights rest. Just before completly retiring for the night he remembered the guidance he had received in his spirituality classes he’d taking up as another failed attempt to find greater purpose in life and asked for guidance from the angels as he rested. His request centred on a resolution to his lack of job and life direction he was experiencing and to be dug out of his deep hole he had buried himself in.

Suddenly, just as he closed his eyes, the air became light and fuzzy and the sensation of floating upwards filled his being as he seemed to hover above his corporeal self. He felt himself been drawn away from his resting body by a sliver cord.

Then he visualised the image of standing in a great hall of light bodied beings that seemed to contain all sorts of shapes and sizes of life forms. The mood was so serene and peace filled the atmosphere.

This was a conclave of the higher realm in the physical plane. The prevailing sense of profound peace and quietude filled his essence. As the scene developed he heard, what seemed to be a grand master take the stage and speak from the lectern:

Dear ones of the light – you have been selected to participate in this conclave of the council of light as sacred chosen souls being readied to awaken to your true life path on earth during this incarnation.

Let your spiritual senses be aroused into the full acknowledgement of your power and wisdom. The tutorials and special guidance classes will begin in the west wing now please read your assigned sheet and gather in your respective classes.

Make great haste my brothers and sisters of the light for we are battling a formidable foe on earth at this time and time is of the essence!

And with that grand announcement a murmuring descended over the hall. Francis looked down and a sheet of instruction materialised in his hand and he read with a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Francis you are assigned to the Ascended Master, Serepis Bey’s ‘Ascension’ class to awakening your great mental powers in your embodiment to allow your soul to shine a bright light onto the planet.

Francis followed the signs out of the great hall and was welcomed into the class by a white robbed man with a large hood resting behind his head and down by his shoulders, whom he correctly took to be the Ascended Master Serepis Bey.

Welcome brother you are most welcome to be here”.

As Francis sat on the bench nearest the front of the small lecture theatre he smiled nervously.

The class proceeded to fill his mind with profound truths of the religions of the world; spiritual healing science; mathematics, laws of alchemy and precipitation. These teachings became so easily absorbed into his etheric body and he had full comprehension of the necessity of the information been divulged.

As the class came to a close Serepis Bey provided concluding remarks that filled Francis with awe at the grace and majesty of this Ascended Master:

Great ones, you who have been called on as an aspirants to become an adept of the spiritual tools leading to mastery of the self.

This emerging into the fully fledged souls of the light, that you are all destined to be, is not just a task assigned to you for your own soul upliftment and advancement this task is to align many of your fellow human beings with the planetary shift in consciousness that is occurring at this dawn of the new age of Aquarius.

The annihilation of the planet by human folly, ignorance and greed is not being allowed to occur by the decree of the council of light. Therefore you dear light beings are to be the torch bearers of the new age and shall lead all of the humans that have fallen in consciousness back to the destined path of unity consciousness and reunion with our almighty creator God!”

Francis shook his head and opened his blurry eyes to view the small digital clock on the dash of the minivan it read 06.30.

The red crimson sky was turning golden yellow. As he came round to fully wakefulness the dream he had lived began to bleed into his waking hour.

The steely determination that had not been with him since he studied for his entrance into college, suddenly filled his mind with a clear direction and fiery passion for what his life purpose on earth would be.

All the baron years in drudgery and disillusionment now melted away like the snows of last winter. The road was clear and the horizon lay up ahead and he felt he now had his life mission.

Francis now felt the calling of his higher self so clear that divinity was coursing through his veins. His aimless drifting through life was set aside and acknowledged for leading him to this point on his life path.

He felt present and alive relishing every moment he lived and every breath he took.

Once he give true recognition to the sacredness of his vessel as a temple of the divine he was lost no more and his star could brightly shine!

The still small voice in the depth of his soul now could be heard beyond the din of life’s grind. It was clear to him his salvation lay within and from that place of newly found self mastery he could lead other wandering stars home!


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