On Unity’s Path…

I belong to the light of my oversoul, that granted my birth.

Thus, I am here and now, present in the reality of Earth.

To be a beacon of divinity on a sovereign life path.

Awakening many souls to this time of reckoning; of God’s wrath.

Not a punishment from on high but a consequence of misaligned action.

The overlords on earth, being agents of decay, created much fraction.

I am the unifier, it begins with my own being.

Harmony and bliss are all the outcomes am seeing.

For where there is discord no soul growth is felt.

We each have our mission towards unity based on the hand we are dealt.

Come now, I invite you to take my hand as we walk this road together.

For forgiving ourselves lets peace fill our heart and love to bloom on earth, both now and forever.


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