Sorrow for Sin

Reaching for God’s Love

I lurch from virtue to vice in this suit of flesh.

My heart yearns to be wise, loving and kind, yet my body drags me back to the matrix mind.

Why do I stumble when God’s kingdom is so near?

Am I damaging my soul and risking all I hold dear?

As I scribe I begin to realise; God doesn’t punish or judge our lesser deeds.

As we negotiate our soul growth amid the nettles and weeds.

The grace is granted when I turn with a humble and contrite heart.

Confessing my gluttony and lust and praying for a new start.

For the dawn will surely break upon this night of dark despair.

And the salvation of God’s unending love will welcome me there.

Now as I take my absolution a great peace fills my heart.

And I rejoice in God’s love for me and am aware this will never part.

No longer burdened by sins of the past.

I’m free in mind, body and soul – as the great spirit descends from the heavens into my being at last.

So bridging the chasm between heaven and earth.

I can now live a life of joy in equanimity and mirth.

Be true to the kingdom of God that is found within and you’ll find yourselves free of avarice, lust and sin.

For by walking the straight and narrow path in life.

All is set aside of the great sorrow and strife.

Then, peace, joy and love become beacons to the furthest shore.

Where God can reign in our hearts, eternally and sorrow is no more.


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