A Rich Man’s World?

The riches of this world…

By the faith you have so shall it be accomplished.

Be a beacon of light amid the dark seas of this earthly sojourn.

The great gift that is bestowed onto you by your heavenly father is the virtue of patience and trust in the goodness of God to deliver your soul out of the entanglements in the lower realms of existence.

The peace that emanates from a soul that has the capacity to assimilate this great truth is worth more than all the earthly riches that this material world can offer up. For if you recall the words written down of Christ that the riches which we store up in heaven – on the etheric plane – are not subject to the ravages of time that beset the material wealth on Earth.

Thus it should become obvious to you that are advancing on the spiritual path that there is more to being on Earth than achieving material comfort through life’s passage.

The call of the spirtual initiate is therefore to recognise the limitation of material success and strive to utilise any such material rewards for a higher purpose.

This can be ascertained by any soul that is pure in heart dwelling within the deeper parts of beingness. Be sure that this act of faith will bring the spiritual seeker, quickly, into a life path of self mastery.

For it is in the surrendering of the ego drive to accumulate material wealth on Earth that the Divine can function most effectively.

Then once this, still, small voice of the heart within is observed and adhered to great deeds on the Earth plane cannot be avoided. All material needs of this spirtual adept will be easily and abundantly be met.

As Christ spoke in scripture “seek ye first the kingdom of God, then all these things shall be added onto you.”

This calling to seek higher truths than the material world can offer is an act of annihilation of the self to awaken the latent divine nature of the soul. As Christ instructed the pharisee in scripture ‘Ye must be born again’.


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