The Aspirant’s Promise

Seek and ye shall find..

By the grace of my holy Mother God and heavenly Father God, I pray for the masses this:

Be not afraid, for although the times are tough and the storm can make you weary, there is a beautiful pasture, basking in sunshine, a little further ahead.

As we traverse this rugged terrain, seeking for the higher ground of existence, we may turn freely to our higher mind divine source, to be a beacon of light for the path ahead.

Let your words be filled with praise and joyous exclamation and knoweth this:

These words of praise you voice, uttered with great solemnity and sacredness, shall not return void. For as it is with the sower in the field that prepares his land diligently and spread the seed meticulously, ye shall too also reap that which you have sowed.

Take heart dear soul, when the day breaks on this dark night you shall take your place among the angels and the heavenly hosts and our beautiful Earth Mother shall be returned to paradise.

And So It Is…


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