A Meditation on Calmness

We are co-creators in this reality of mind. By being a purveyor of peaceful thoughts and joyous feelings we release these energies into the matrix program of Earth.

No longer subsumed by the prevailing winds of fear and mistrust you are able to quell the fires of anxiety and retain a higher vibratory disposition.

Be calm, cultivate a feeling of hope and optimism in your present state and watch the gifts of the divine pour into your heart.

Know how deserving of love you are and see in others the reflection of your own goodness, walking with an air of grace – knowing well that a multitude of angels walk with you.

By the peace of the Holy Mother and Heavenly Father God go within to reach a point of stillness and calm. For by this act you shall surely shift your timeline and steer a course towards your heavenly reward.

By the grace of almighty God…. and so it is!

To be at peace allowing calmness in…

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