What does my soul want me to know tonight?

You are awakening the ‘Lion’ that resides within you.

For your Lyran energy is being raised up in your vessel to fill you with great galactic gifts.

No longer bound in chains you are expressing the true nature of a boundless soul. There is still a soft tread towards offering you your full gifts. For there is great power to wield that requires a taming of the ego mind within the vessel on the Earth plane. The ill prepared soul could be led astray by an uncontrolled mind. This occurred in your timeline previously and we urge caution in getting too masterful in the awakening of your divine gifts.

You must be able to tame this beast of the ego and become a true spiritual warrior, endowed with the noble virtues of meekness, integrity, honesty and openness combined with high moral values.

No longer in fear based desiring, the soul is free to express fully into the human vessel and reach upward to the higher echelons of the multiverse.

This my dear brother is your great calling to realise the divinity that resides within your human vessel and to become a great beacon to others in the soul journey back to oneness with the source of all.

Now have you any questions you would like to pose to your soul aspect – since you’ve got me here now!

I suppose a question that springs to mind is – how am I doing on the ascension path and is there any aspects of my journey that I could work on and improve more?

Well Barry you must take note of the tremendous progress that you have been making the past year in bringing your vessel to stillness and not reacting to the triggers of aggression and angry that beset your early years. This has been accomplished with the great assistance of your beautiful wife Sinead.

The goal in your life Barry is to achieve balance in all facets of life and from this place of balance great matters can be resolved and alot can be achieved.

It all starts with your own motivation to catch your thoughts and take cognisance of the impact of your words. You are creating your reality every second of the day you need to be aware of the impact of the thoughts your carrying about yourself. You really do have such a low opinion of yourself – now this is changing but we advise to speed it up become a champion of yourself: sing your virtues let people know how proud you are of yourself. Catch the thought that runs yourself down and simple change it to something positive.

If you can be vigilant throughout your day with your thought patterns you will see amble opportunity to bring a more peaceful manner to your being.


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