‘Home’ (A Place of Origin and A Point of Destination)

Time may pass and fade away… But memories of me will always stay!

I am purging alot of my old self during this hiatus back in my parental home.

I arrived ‘home’ yesterday evening and spent a wonderful evening reminiscing with my mother.

When I had time alone with my thoughts in our family home, I spent the time wandering around contemplating the past and what led me to this present moment.

As I meandered out onto the balcony I became overwhelmed by the great gift the present moment is to exist on this earthly plane.

My commanding of the self pregnates the stillness I found myself in with possibility.

I am in all and all is in me, my very breath becomes an umbilical cord to divinity. I felt the nourishing presence of a higher power constituent in this time and place I find myself.

It became clear that we are in a nexus between two worlds.

The old world – being based princely on greed, avarice and lust of the sensory self – is been purged from the our beautiful mother earth and a new earth – formulated with open heartedness, transparency and joy of living – is washing over, like a majestic waterfall of boundless possibilities.

As we brace through these troubled times, this new earth awaits just below the horizon.

Those gifted to know, wait – expectantly – for the bright dawn!


In memory of my Daddy, Martin McEvoy on his third anniversary: 18th December 2018. I miss your counsel in these troubling times Daddy, yet know your guiding me from the heavenly realm.

Forever in my heart, your loving son, Barry

My Daddy and me in Berlin on holiday: Summer 2004

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