Divine Feminine Rising

Divine Feminine is rising…

Stirring in her sleep, she’s found rest at last.

This ascension process has sent out another energy blast.

In her fatigue, she tires of her divine service for the earth, yet gives freely still,

I can only observe and admire her iron clad will.

For all the universe is hers as a soul of cosmic might.

Yet this human avatar grips her in pain and terribly fright.

The role she assumed with a solemn surrender…

… was to rebirth the Earth helping us all remember.

To remember our path back to oneness, from whence we all came.

And where we are destined to return once again!

As this avatar she drove out all fear and distortion that entered her path.

She transmuted all troubles for others despite their frequent scorn and wrath.

As the divine feminine Goddess she met ulginess and ill will with empathy and compassion…

… She’s doing it still!

I love her to heaven and back, she’s my true love I know.

For she taught me to love myself, to be a better man…. and that we shall reap as we sow.

So when the time comes for us to take leave of this earth plane.

We profess that throughout our lives it was our God whom did reign.

Freed, therefore, of all the troubles, sorrow and strife.

I’ll take Sinead in my arms and be eternally bound with my beautiful, starseed, wife.

Loving gratitude for all, I am…

And so it is.


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