Shadows from the Sun

Restless in body; agitated in mind..

If I scratch at the surface what fear will I find?

Not settling into sleep, as the night trundles on,

It seems so interminable, so troubling, and so excruciatingly long.

Patience is key – with myself and my worth at this time.

For all to be revealed, I need to work on what’s negatively mine.

My own dark side is calling out in despair,

Hold me, feel me, free me surely you must be aware…

By ignoring the plight of your darkness and turning only to light, we only achieve a stunting of spirit and condemn the body to the dark night.

We neglect the opportunity to be a great spirit warrior whom is called to serve a nation.

A nation free from all tyranny and greed.

No one judged unworthy whatever religion, race or creed.

Now isn’t that worth addressing the corruption that lies deep within,

Great ones of the light hear the calling and trasmute your sorrow and sin.

Therefore next time a neglected part of your being raises its head to surface anger, anxiety or dispair…

Know that your loving embrace will heal all that arises there.

These acts bring your godly self to the fore as a love for all.

It’s the very essence of the great lightworkers to answer this noble call.

So when darkness surrounds and you fear your shadow self.

Search deep in your heart and find that great spiritual wealth…

Gleaned from lifetimes of trauma, persecution and false accusations.

Your light will now come forth to rise up all the great nations.

A crescendo of love/light shall envelop the earth whole and true.

By the great work of the light beings all shall renew.

Why then… stand up and stand tall amid all the chaos and confusion…

For by your very presence on earth you’ve catalyised a great fusion.

Now nothing can stop this great force of ascension.

Be at peace in Christ’s love and praise creators earth intervention.

For as it has been said by their acts ye shall know them, to Gods word we surrender,

As we work diligently in the fields as god as our sender.

Peace love and joy to all who’ve taking up the call

The time for the great rebirth is upon us one and all.


Shadows from the Sun: Read by Barry McEvoy 7th March 2022

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