Rebirth & Renewal

I am rebirthing myself into a body filled with spirit.

I am raised above the confines of the flesh.

In this I long to be of service to our almighty creator of all.

My heart sings in God’s presence – I cannot feel any more loss or sadness.

The obscure has become clear – the mists lift off the morning valley. I have sight of all great mountains before me.

I rejoice in all knowing of my spirit, that which my mind can never comprehend.

Oh, how I cherish my burgeoning heart, as I turn to face the sunlight of a bright and hope filled dawn.

In this all my fear, worry, doubt and disbelief are banished.

I embrace this day anew and usher in joyful being.

Taking heart from God’s ever presence loneliness can find no home.

I see the sun break through the clouds and the trees sway in the gentle breeze.

The stream continues its inexorable path towards the great sea.

As this imprints on my soul, I become enveloped in the eternal moment of now.

Rejoicing in this present awareness I’m filled with reverent glory for God in this moment now and forever more!


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