A Whirlpool of One’s Own Creation..

Introduction – The ‘Blame Game’

Why does it always happen to me?” Or.…. “…things always go wrong for me and it’s not my fault I’ve had a damaged upbringing.”

Is this a familiar cry to you? Or have you become tired of languishing in life – not taking responsibly for the course it takes. Do you have a tendancy to blame external events, people or environment for your woes.

Perhaps your sometimes even pointing the finger at God!

Choice and Consequences

The truth must be faced, and as the bible tells us, ‘the truth shall set you free‘. That truth being, there are no victims: only consequences for the choices we’ve made and this present moment to choose differently then before.

By not succumbing to the lowest vibratory choice, regardless of others actions towards you, the process of becoming mired in density is halted. Instead, by choosing a higher response, grounded in love and without any conditions attached, your present reality must shift.

Those around you will feel this shifting in your energy field and – depending on their own vibratory rate – will respond differently to you.

In this way you’re ‘closing the door’ to the old, destabilising patterns of your past that perpetuated your current malaise and, correspondingly, you’ve ‘opened a door’ to a brighter version of yourself – one that does not carry anymore heavy discordant energy. Thus, by this altered response, divine light of unconditional love can better shine through your being.

Life Lessons and Soul Expansion

This divine light of love is who you really are behind the masks and personal stories about yourself you’ve carried – not only in this lifetime – but through many previous incarnations.

The soul has grown through the lifetimes of experience. Therefore there is no need to feel scornful of your current issues, however painful and traumatic they’ve been. These life lessons have served a higher purpose for your soul path.

When the soul is ready all these past issues will be shed and your awareness rises to your full light being. The higher realm of light is able to anchor into the earth plane through your being.

Time to Ascend?

This process of ascending the being is advancing rapidly on earth among people tired of the game of duality. That being one of opposites where a ‘them vrs us‘ attitude prevails and separation of the self from others occurs via the various labels of race, religion, or creed.

Instead of this duality consciousness, awakening souls are embracing the true nature of unity consciousness that of being at one with all others, allowing the light of the creator, our one source, God to shine through their vessel.

Soul growth and Shedding your Density

How, you may ask, can I shed all the ‘baggage’ of emotional, mental and physical trauma I am carrying in this lifetime?

Well, think of the self as, not just a body, but an energetic field that exists in a larger field of energy. For, as our scientists tell us, we are all made up of energy in our essence. In fact, the whole universe is energy!

Just like TV sets, we are antennas that can transmit and recieve information from the surrounding field. Now, if we carry the metaphor further, the clearer the picture being broadcast the purer the antenna operates the better it can therefore function. Any distortion in picture is a signal that there is distortion in the field. In the human self this distortion can cause blockages (eg this could be due to abusive childhood, financial stress, health issues etc).

In order to live the full, light filled life of a being aware of the higher gifts life can offer we must release the distortions from our own field allowing high vibratory love/light to flow through us.

This is commenced by becoming more aware of what triggers an emotional response in yourself, such as an outburst of anger at a partners frustrating habits or a tearful response to a particular movie scene.

Once the emotional block is brought to your awareness the key to shedding the trapped emotion is to ‘go into‘ the feelings that arise, allow them to be expressed safely and release the stuck energy…much like water flowing through rocks on the river bed.

A Whirlpool in the Lake: A Metaphor

Let’s take another analogy of a lake.

Now, let us say this lake is in perfect stillness and placid until an exterior force creates currents that form a whirlpool of energy.

If we further suppose, we have become caught in this whirlpool in the lake, then our immediate response might be to flail and splash around in movements of panic.

However, this reaction can only serve to create more disturbances in the water and aggravates the situation further. The better choice, given our preference for a still and placid lake, would be to have faith that the lake must return to stillness and allow the shifting energy of the whirlpool to pass through.

Thus, by this neutral reaction, the lake can return to its stillness much sooner.

It is worth noting that the lake will always cycle back to stillness when we tire of fighting the current anyway and the energy dissipates. The final outcome is assured – it’s just the manner and timing to get there that we impact upon by our reactions!

This is much like God’s love for us in our lives.

Throughout the times of turbulence and distress we can return to Gods love for us by not reacting to life stresses and triggers but, instead, cultivating a presence of stillness and calmness in the face of adversity.

This trusting in the all encompassing nature of God’s love for us means we learn much quicker that, by the very nature of events unfolding, the lake will change and be unsettled at times.

This reasoning then can be applied, similarly, in our own lives and as we do this our higher choices, in all circumstances, grounded in trust, faith and, ultimately, love means we can drop all fears of life’s unknowns.

This then allows us to simply enjoy the life path we’re on – with all its glorious ups and downs.

Unity Consciousness and God’s Love for Us

In this realization we grow in empathy and compassion for all others also negotiating their life path. We discover that we are all indeed one in our essence: created by God’s unending and unconditional love for us all.

In that knowing we transcend the many trials and obstacles of life and embrace fully our divine nature within.

Thus we are then being a beacon to others seeking their freedom from life burdens by our very example of living life to its fullest.

In this way we may speed up the creation of heaven on earth securing a brighter and more peaceful environment for us all.



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