Treasures of the Heart

Peace is a great treasure that begins in our own hearts; all hope resides within.

Grievous is the faults of man which are drenched in vengeance and sorrowful stains of sin.

To care for others in need is the greatest call of the soul.

Setting aside all material desires to serve a loftier goal.

No longer to mourn any loss of chattel, of treasure in material form.

For it is now a divine power we pledge to serve in which our soul has sworn.

There is a deep fallacy that this material realm can lead to a fuller, freer life.

By pursuing this myth great ‘soul gold’ is lost amid the ensuing struggle and strife.

No guilt is felt, by those of wealth; whom clamour to take the spoils of war.

Yet, what benefits come from fleeting desires of decaying matter that they adore?

All, in the material realm, is passing through one’s hands to dwindle into nothingness.

Therefore you may ask, where is any riches of lasting value to be found?

It is within the heart and soul of man that much will resound.

By embracing acts of generosity and seeking solace in the heart.

This world can be transformed to bliss; a promise of a new start..

Let terrors fall away and war destroy itself,

Instead hold dear to love as our true and noble wealth.

Then when the great reckoning arrives and our days on Earth are spent…

We are lifted up to our great treasure, where we’ll eternally frequent.

Our spirit becomes refreshed to sing the glory that creation will bring…

And we enjoy the wealth we’ve stored up in that eternally lasting place.

A treasure for the heart is this knowing; a gift for the whole human race.

In all our time on Earth it was seeds of love we were sowing…

These seeds will grow beyond our years by God’s will we are giving to knowing.

Throughout the earth journey we stayed the course amid turmoil and much confusion we stored up heavenly treasure.

By the great act of spreading love we receive our full, pressed down and overflowing, measure.



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