Daily Soul Talks

July 3rd 2021

What does my soul want me to know today?

Setting souls free…

Firstly, you are much loved by your creator and in love all things are possible.

By the grace of divine love you’ve been placed in this now of ‘time- space’ reality to live out the true meaning of devotion to source of all and service to others, in recognition of the reality of oneness.

You are a being of divine light and by your very presence on earth at this time much good is being accomplished.

Be not afraid or set back by the myriad challenges this world can bring, for you reside in a much higher dimension in your true essence. This avatar your using to experience this reality can only hold a small portion of the light quotient of your true essence.

Yet by this act of coming down to earth to serve humanity you shall set souls free.

Remain in peace and service to the light, always!

And so it is!