Daily Soul Talks

19th September 2022

What does my soul want me to know today?

A Call to Mission..

By the grace of almighty God you are sustained in this world for a great purpose.

All humility must be retained as you walk ever closer to the path of Christhood. The dross and insecurity that made up your past has now been burned away by the fires of purity.

Be in great peace, and usher in a stillness to your mind and body. Let the spirit of God flow through you and awaken your vessel to the great tasks that wait just up ahead.

No longer are you mired in the uncertainty of wavering faith. You are now strong in stature and fully hold the reigns of your life. Thus by this advancement you are to be bestowed with a great responsibly to wield the direction of this reality.

Rest presently, for the time of great activity nears, where you shall wear the mantle of a great one in Christ’s holy name, being always in service to the light,