Daily Soul Talks

30th April 2021

What does my soul want me to know today?

Let the God essence within be your guiding force, free yourself of the trappings of the mind.

This releases you from the negative emotions of fear, doubt and anxiety that have imprisoned your soul.

By following this edict you will welcome into your heart only the highest vibrations of love.

The synchronicities and harmonisations will be manifold in your life.

No longer will the external world grip you and disempower you. The creator being you’ve always contained latent within will then be released fully into your conscious being.

By this you shall manifest by divine will – being fully aligned in your spirit.

Know that love is the key that unlocks the prison of the mind, you simply walk freely on God’s earth – those with a pure heart.

Reside always in the peace and love of the universal mind and choose to be free!

And so it is!