Daily Soul Talks

18th September 2022

What does my soul want me to know today?

A Holy Gift…

By the light of your being you guide many lost souls onto the righteous path.

As you awaken your latent gifts of your Divine nature within the way opens up for others to follow by your lived example.

No longer mired in the illusion of separation, a great peace envelopes your soul and all lack of confidence, that once plagued your heart, is banished to the realms of lower forms.

Rest now on the ease and grace of your Father in heaven whom knows all your daily needs. See each aspect of your day as an opportunity to be a witness of God’s Divine love for the world and by this faithful act, on your part, fresh air bellows into your soul to birth a new reality.

As all this arises you become at one with your holy, heavenly Father… Your creator and all things of your creators on earth that are of your creator’s making become your inheritance.