Weekly Soul Talk

Sunday 9 th May 2021

What does my soul want me to know today?

Blessed one do not wallow in despair at your present circumstance, instead choose a different thought about the reality your experiencing.

You are the creator of your own world and need only take a firm grasp of the reigns of your life to steer in the direction you truly desire.

Be at peace with all that is and shape your thoughts to convey the true nature of your existence that is bound in love.

Any fears you hold are all illusory. For you are holding onto a belief that a set of circumstances are out of your control and negates your well being.

This belief has the power of holding you fixed making that belief your experienced reality.

Yet you only need change the belief – the sponsoring thought – that brings this thought into reality and that reality must change because, once again, you hold the key.

To be truly free of all fear, worry, doubt and all negative emotion you must transcend the circumstances that created these thought-forms. By choosing a higher vibratory thought you shift the extant reality and your world thus shifts.

It is no longer possible to hide these negative emotions. The current reality of the planet will bring them to the surface to be explored by your belief system. It is then your free will choice, as creator of your reality, to hold onto these emotions or allow them to be fully transmuted into the light of truth and absolute love.

For absolute love is the very fabric of your reality it is the ‘water in which you swim’.

To be aligned fully with this reality you must pair away all the old belief patterns and past life traumas that have weighted you down in this sub-reality matrix.

By doing so you release the shackles around your spirit and alter your self to soar to the highest realms of existence.

While you still hold a physical presence in this reality matrix you shall walk the earth as the masters did in full Christ consciousness.

And so it is!