Weekly Soul Talk

23rd May 2021

What does my soul want me to know this week?

You’re a creation of the divine and a creator of your own reality.

You share in the great attributes of God by being constantly aligned to the flow of energy you become a tool of divinity – able to build a creation of the highest vibratory level and in the process entrain others to that high vibe of your presence.

Be assured of your creative ability and know that you’ll experience resistance on your path should you become discouraged and disillusioned with your outer experiences. However the outer world is, you should be an interior projector of high vibratory thoughts and thus through the linear movement of time watch your reality shift to a more joyous and peaceful one.

You need not hold onto any fear of what may become of you, release any thoughts for the self. By acts of service to others, as you serve the divine, you are welcoming many blessings into your life and you must truly reap all that you sow.

Every thought, word and deed is being recorded in the akashic record of mother gaia. You are being cleansed of all past life traumas and trials to prepare your soul for life in the higher realms of existence.

Your role now is to hold the light and gather it down to the grids of the earth. In this way you will be of great service to the collective and will grow the higher energies on the planet.

By not giving in to any fear you can be an effective source of light to others mired in darkness. By your beautiful presence on earth you will aid others path to more fulfilled times.

So, again, take no heed for your life; what you shall wear; how you will eat – your heavenly father knows your need for these things and will provide, look to the lilies of the field they neither toil nor spin, yet even Solomon in all his glory was not adorned as one of them. As your father in heaven takes care of them how much more worthy are you of his care?

By faith and trust in the loving divine God, your creator, you will align gloriously with the kingdom of heaven.

And so it is!