Weekly Soul Talk

Dissolving ‘the self’ into the divine within..

21 April 2023

What does my soul want me to know this week?

Blessed me thy name of the Christ light that resides within you.

By the grace of almighty God, this conversation takes place to illuminate your being and to prepare your soul for the next chapter of being.

The great shift of the ages is upon you, no longer mired in doubt and misery, your true God self is loosening the chains that have bound your aspect to these lower realms.

Listen to the chimes of your heart with the minds eye, and you will free yourself to release the full glory of who you really are beyond these flesh and blood body suits.

I am with you now to shed light on the shadowy aspect of your being to realise all fears and embrace the unknown.

The door to the higher aspects of your being are being flung opened, to reveal the majesty, wonder, and beauty of your essence.

So my friend lay down the books of learning; release the minds need to know down to the last minutiae of comprehension. Detach from any masks of the self, become an empty cavern..a hallowed space.

Thus, rejoice in the void of the zero point.

All of creation begins in the zero point, as you are being paired back to the greatest recesses of the mind’s creations. In this relinquished space of nothingness, you no longer lust for any of the ego filled desires. By hitching your wagon to the source of all; to the interconnected awareness of everything in existence, you become free of all illusions.

The gift of eternal oneness, which has always resided within you, is now expressed into an unsuspecting world.

Therefore as it has been said…

Anyone who wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life because of me will gain it.

Matt 16:25

And so it is!