Weekly Soul Talk

Weekly Soul Talk 16th May 2021

What does my soul want me to know this week?

Judgement day..

I am the Christed light, my soul is illuminated. I feel the vibration of mother earth in my soul.

I yearn to set all souls free from the bondage of terror and oppression that has manifested on this planet as a rancid boil that has grown larger and more pus-filled by the day. This boil must now be lanced and all that was festering will be washed clean from the earth.

Again, I am the light of the world and all whom seek refuge in my sacred heart shall not perish in the fires of damnation that will sorch the earth plane to rid the plight that has infected the planet.

All will be revealed through the light beings transparent hearts. No stone will remain unturned until justice is fully restored to the lands of God’s kingdom.

Many who have defiled mother earth and the souls that have incarnated here will surely reap a wicked harvest of their own making.

The time has come to account for all the deeds done in the times passed since my time on the planet.

No one shall be left untouched by the visitation on Earth. It is the time of the Masters return and his house, that had been created as a mansion to house all in splendour and abundance, has been turned into a melting pot of greed, misery and sin.

The wicked servants shall not escape the responsibility of their actions and divine order will be restored to my Fathers house once more.

A message to the brave beings of light battling the dark forces at this time. Stride forward, for you hold unconditional love of God in your hearts.

This armour of Love will tear down the walls of hatred and lies that the wicked ones used to hide their decit and wicked ways.

By the power of almighty God rest well and be free of fear and doubt that has been thrown on your path by those that no nothing of the light of Christ. Their slings and arrows will bounce off your shields and we will walk freely and confidently into the kingdom of God, where our arrival is awaited by open arms.

Those of the light will be guided to the paradise that is their eternal home!

And So It Is!