The Fruits of the Forest

Where are we going in life? As a planetary race we have not enamoured ourselves to our fellow beings travelling through this time and space on earth.

It’s only by a walk through forest trails that I rediscover the vitality of what it is to be a member of Gaia earth. The serenity and calm wakes the senses and washes away all negativity and artificial’ness’ from my energetic body.

Thus I’m prepared to reenter the construct of man that takes our 3D reality in to concrete jungle form.

I dream of life, that feels long forgotten to a past – ordered to permanent stone – but yet must exist parallel to mine in the eternal now, it is one where I lived under the cover of the trees and the light of the world enchanted the forest. All provision for life was set before me and no trouble or strife could befall my earthly being.

This was a paradise of sorts that brought joy and peaceable living on all beings of this planet.

When I awake from this dream of what might be in my heart I set about bringing this dream into our present reality.

For what we can imagine we can create. All manifested reality begins with thought. I raise the vibration of the planet with those ideas and lift my spirits to see beyond the stormy weather that has engulfed our extant reality.

The trees hold the key to our connection back to Gaia and ultimate source of all. A life in a forest connects quickly to Gaia energies, creating planetary alignment.

If your having troubles beset you in this present point of time and space I urge you to get out into nature.

If you can touch your bare feet on the soil or sand of the earth then you can replenish the body energies of your being. This is a clear route to managing the path to ascension that we will all have to climb towards at some point. And whom many are in the throes of right now as the 2012 shift of Gaia takes hold.

This reality is shifting the earth is ‘shifting right beneath our feet’.

It is a time of great excitement but it needs to be managed to release any trepidation the body will feel as the DNA strands merge into a crystalline nature.

The keys to our uplifting lie within.

This post is a messaging board for your being to grow and release that which will allow the 5D dimension to emerge onto mother earth.

The ‘fruits of the forest’ are we, as we transcend the old energies of the 3D world.

Be grounded at this time;

Take every opportunity to be in nature;

And avoid heavy low vibration foods as much as possible (all fruits and veg are great high vibe live foods).

Namaste my brothers and sisters… till my next post!


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