Spiritual: A label or a Way of Life?

There are many labels we place on ourselves in this life: our birth name; our occupation; our nationality; our ethnicity. However the one that causes me most trouble and strife is a religious/spiritual label.

It appears to me that any label of our spirituality losses something in the process and has the inevitable affect of alienating a potential ‘other’.   I am a Christian, I am a Muslim or I am Buddhist appears to me to have such powerful judgements attached to them and have a competitive exclusivity from the other that makes me recoil from fully adopting any as my spiritual label.

Am I losing some valuable connection to my fellow human beings by this act of non-commitment on my part, this failure to adopt a particular label?

Quest for Truth

This question stimulates further queries in my heart as to why any given soul on earth labels itself to a particular faith, belief, philosophy or religion?

It appears that in order to make sense of this reality one must ascribe oneself to a particular tribe to survive the vagaries of a reality governed by duality.

This is the nature of this world in which we reside and thus the status quo remains.

I feel that I am breaking a mould in this earth in not ascribing myself a religious label and yet holding fast to a spiritual dimension to life. In this choosing, I transcend the religious dogmas and am reaching out to the furthest parts of my humanity. I am thus, in this act, revealing the greatest gift that we can bestow upon ourselves: freedom!

With this freedom we seed the understanding that beneath our unique human facades we are all source energy being infinite in nature – what a beautifully transcending relief from life’s woes and toils!

Old Energies: Afraid of the Light

The status quo is threatened by annihilation from such a simple knowing; the power and control of the old world order will resist this threat using all means at their disposal. This suppression has not been newly developed but has been around for aeons of earth time.

It was revealed to me by a modern play set in the medieval times the provocative notion that the modern church of Christianity wouldn’t recognise the returned Christ on earth and would have even facilitated his persecution as had been done by the ‘old order’ before.

The status quo brings great comforts to the beholders of power in this present world. Those in powerful positions – not only in the churches – but in politics, business and commerce also have a stake in maintaining the current order of the earth. The ideas that are now blossoming again of a world governed from the heart and people filled with compassion, empathy and regard for each other frightens those whom built their empires on individualism, service to self philosophies and greed in hoarding earth’s resources. This is a time when love will transmute fear – as a famous musician once said we are ushering in an era when the love of power will be overcome by the power of love!

Universal Freedom

To have plunged myself into this reality I must have been very courageous to be aware that the allure of this world fuelled by power, money and fame (however gained) is valued above the cardinal virtues of wisdom (particularly in the elders of a society), fortitude, integrity and temperance as indicators of success!

I am now beginning to understand that to live by, and strife for unity consciousness is to be an example that provides stimulus and impetus for others to follow.

I heretofore reject then ALL labels attached to me through this life path and I choose to see the oneness in us all.

“I AM ME; I AM FREE!” is the mantra that abides in me.

I am a free spirit of the universe choosing each day to rejoice in this reality that I am continually choosing to create!

In this knowing I am living out the meaning of the creed – of which Martin Luther King recalled – from the old spiritual ancestors:


calm daylight evening grass
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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