Dancing Leaves

The leaves on the ground lay deadened and ready to decay; they look lifeless and withered, a sure sign winter is on the way.

Then suddenly out of nowhere the leaves rise from off the ground; the clear message being there’s life beyond the unhappy mound.

They swirl and twirl along the rivers edge so merrily and gay; the spell binding effect brings all of nature to adoration that life has found a way.

With the wind as the conductor of this orchestral display we give praise and thanksgiving that what was decaying was replaced with a joyful play.

This is such a profound message for us on humanity’s path through life.

That no matter the change, be it a fall from a living tree or a catastrophic event that befalls someone like you or me.

It pleads with us to feel the wind that brings us positive change; that offers a new way to live beyond the constraints and the pains.

For life, though eternal, is changing constantly and nothing lasts forever just as seasons come and go, so frequently!

But what is always to remember is that life is boundless and unconstrained;

Thus in this remembrance we are guided to the place where we’ve always remained.

Authors Note: I spent yesterday morning in a forest park going for a brisk, fresh walk on a clear sunny autumnal day.

However as I was leaving the park I noticed the scene of the leaves dancing and swirling into the air so apparently full of life. I was struck by the nature of the fallen leaves as decaying back to the soil of Gaia earth.

This then lead me to follow through with the comparison of a human life believing it’s end has been reached but still having much to offer.

I offer the poem up as a gesture towards those whom are going through change of life’s seasons, especially if these are difficult changes, I invite you to feel the unseen force in life:

…that wind that encouraged the leaves to dance and allow yourself to see past the decaying that surrounds and embrace fully the dance that the wind throws up on your path!

It is then you will be fully alive and oblivious to the distractions and distortions of life.

So, like the leaves dance till your hearts content even amid a decaying seasonal scene you’ll be filled with joy and rise to meet your spirit being!

Namaste and blessings all!



2 thoughts on “Dancing Leaves

  1. Thankyou so much! This poem really touched me, I have had a simular experience and it really struck a cord within me,
    Thankyou 🍁🍁🍁


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