Life: A Trail to Paradise

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A Confession on the Spiritual Path

I have this earnest wish to lead readers closer to spirit and help provide guidance through my experience on the course of the ascension path. Thus helping to create a greater and more expansive path on earth for all.

Yet in my darkest times I do doubt all of this – right down to my efforts to explain my weaknesses in understanding this life journey. Bearing this in mind, I continue to express my thoughts and views on the trail of life we all follow in search of a final destination.

Ascension Path and the Desire to Uplift Others

At this time I am experiencing suffering of my loved ones that belies the joy and fulfilment that I assumed would be accompanying my ever calmer, relaxed and controlled being. I have cultivated these attributes along the spiritual path I have been continually choosing, yet I begin to contemplate that if my awakening along a spiritual path does not uplift the ones I love around me – then I feel I must hand back this gift of ascension with a heavy heart.

I fear that I am becoming self-absorbed in this pursuit of spiritual perfection while I am on earth, the spiritual maxim that ‘You are the creator of your own reality!’ shouldn’t – surely – leave one feeling vacant and oblivious to the trials and tribulations of other souls sharing this reality, especially those souls we hold closest to our hearts?

I AM GOD”…and so are you!

The term ‘new-age thinking’ has been used pejoratively to denounce spiritual truths that take some digesting and contemplation. One phrase that I have embraced after reading the, Neale Donald Walsch penned, Conversation with God series, among other writings, is the affirmation ‘I am God’. This phrase has become known in spiritual teachings as the ‘three magic words’.

This affirmation has cleared a lot of mist from the windscreen of this human journey through life on earth for me – as I understood the nuance and profundity of the words; once uttered. The words encouraged me to take hold of the reigns of my life and not relinquish my power to external forces.

I have come to accept the uttering of the three words as a powerful and sacred affirmation.

Yet this is where I stumble – when my loved ones feel suffering and pain, in a grave way, I feel so helpless to bring relief aside from a few attempts at comforting words “You’ll be alright” and “How is your mood today?” I am troubled by the thought that surely ‘God’ isn’t so helpless in the face of other’s suffering?

A City on a Hill cannot be Hidden (Mt: 5:14)

To seek illumination from my troubled mind I turn to the teachings of Christ on this matter. My searching led me to a passage of Matthew (5:15) “No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lampstand, and it gives light to all that are in the house”. I believe this addresses the concerns of one walking a path to ascension.

The meaning I extract from the verse is that no one that cultivates the spirit dwelling within is wasted in the life journey. They are indeed the light of the world and their very presence among others can raise the vibrations of the setting in which they find themselves. This seems to be an act that requires no conscious forethought on behalf of the holder. It’s simply a matter of letting the light of their awakened being shine.

Embracing of the Eternal

Our loved ones will – frequently – journey along a path different than us and return to spirit at different times than us, in this game we call life. We can come to terms with this process – which we have agreed to before our earthly incarnation began – by tapping into those eternal moments when we comprehend our fit as spiritual beings walking an earthly path in the vastness and greatness of this universe.

These glimpses of the eternal throughout our life are set to trigger a remembering in us that we are much more than the material world would have us believe. We are unique and precious parts of the universe – eternally a part of all of creation as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.

We are all One!

So, as our loved ones encounter their obstacles on their life’s path, as individualised spirit beings, we embrace the bonds that have brought us together as a ‘soul-family’ in this particular incarnation.

And when the steep climbs come to the mountain peak we can clasp hands and help each other travail the trickier elements encountered by each of us along the way. In the sure understanding of the Christ teaching, also found in many other religions and cultures, that what you do for others you do onto yourself.

This practice is to live out the expression of unity consciousness – holding to the principle – that at our essence we are all one!

Paradise is Our Final Destination

The message from this post then is thus; to cherish the earth journey and shed the fears and concerns for others on their path. And to advance in the evolution of the spirit by the challenges this life sets on the evolutionary path of ascension.

In essence, to be a light to the world.

As rest assured, when the day subsides and the energies of this human trail through time and space have all been spent, we will all be together again in Paradise!

Namaste All!


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